Single Flying Bird Facial Skin Care Cream Papaya Brighten


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It can quickly penetrate deep into the skin, effectively decompose and remove melanin, lighten pigmentation, and prevent the production of pigmentation.

Improve dull skin tone, lighten melanin, brighten skin tone

It provides the cells with the required nutrients and moisture, enhances cell vitality, improves its ability to resist ultraviolet rays, anti-oxidation and free radical damage, prevents various deep physiological pigmentation, and makes the skin white, even, smooth and shiny.

The best nutrients can be fully absorbed and utilized by the cells, so that the cells have enough energy to quickly decompose the pigment deposited on the skin, inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, and effectively lighten spots.

Consolidate the skin’s own physiological basis, make the whitening effect lasting and stable, and have fair and delicate skin all day long.

How to use: After cleansing the skin, apply a proper amount of cream evenly on the observation area and wipe it once a day. Use type A during the day and type B at night. Long-term use, the effect is better.

Package includes
: 2 x whitening cream

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