Nutritional Oil Pen, Finger Edge Nourishing Liquid, Repair And Moisturize Nail Polish


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Product information:

Applicable gift-giving occasions: nail nutrition pen

Net content 30ml

Specifications: Various flavors

Nail Products Category: Nail Polish

Material: Nutrition pen

Single color box weight: 14.5g, nutrient oil capacity 5ml

Product scents are:

Watermelon, peach, lily, rose, cherry, jasmine, lemon, blueberry, strawberry, lavender, aloe, fresh orange

There are two types of product packaging:

1 piece in a color box, 40 pieces and a half in a middle box, middle box size: (17*11*14cm), 1200 pieces in a box, outer box size: (58*38*44cm)

2 A large opp bag with 12 flavors, 1200 sticks in a box

3 Gross weight per box: 19.2kg


Rotate the other end of the brush. The liquid will stay on the brush. Then apply it on the nail skin and it’s OK.

You can also massage it gently to make it easier to absorb.

Vitamins are very beneficial to nails and can make fragile nails firmer. It promotes the production of keratin, thereby accelerating the growth of healthy nails, moisturizing the nails or the skin on the edges, making them not dry, more moisturized, and brighter, and at the same time it plays It has an isolation effect, reducing the damage of nail polish and other chemicals to the nail surface. Long-term use, smooth nails, no barbs on fingertips

Packing list:

Nutrition oil pen x1

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 cm



Many flavors


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